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Item #: 103H5208-10U41
Part #: 103H5208-10U41
Our Price: $14.00
199 pcs in stock
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Item# 103H5208-10U41


  • Step Angle: 1.8 deg
  • NEMA 17 - SIZE 42mm 1.8deg, 200 steps per revolution in Full Step Mode.
  • Manufactured by Sanyo Denki CO, Ltd. It offers up to 59 oz-in of holding torque in small NEMA 17 frame.
  • Single, round shaft, long enough for easy mounting of any flexible coupling or timing-belt pulley.
  • This is very powerfull motor for NEMA 17 frame.
  • Includes connecting cable terminated with socket matching Sanyo Denki drivers.
  • This socket may be easily modified or completely removed.
  • Please pay attention to presented wiring diagram as origial cable has crossed wires.


UNIPOLAR connection: Voltage: 6.4 V DC
Current / phase: 1.2 A / phase
Resistance / phase: 5.3 Ohm / phase
Inductance / phase: 4.3 mH / phase
Holding Torque 42 oz-in

BIPOLAR-SERIES connection: Voltage: 9.0 V DC
Current / phase: 0.85 A / phase
Resistance / phase: 10.6 Ohm / phase
Inductance / phase: 17.2 mH / phase
Holding Torque: 59 oz-in

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